Meet Ijeoma Egwuatu

“Feminist leadership is when people (…) who advocate for women’s rights and gender equality come together, and are in the forefront of decision-making, when these people are in position where they have to direct, where they have to control, where they initiate ideas and influence people’s ideologies (…) where they supervise or manage a group of people or an organization. That is feminist leadership”.

Ijeoma Egwuatu, June 2019

Ijeoma’s Bio:

Ijeoma Egwuatu is the Director of Data, research & Innovation of Generation Initiative for Women and youth Network (GIWYN) in Nigeria. She is a Sexual Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights advocate. In her work she oversees data analysis and research; reporting and communication; conducting studies and documenting results. She also serves as a Liaison between GIWYN and other partner organizations. She has helped build a positive reputation for the organization, representing GIWYN at numerous conferences and events. Ijeoma is educated with a background in Communications, Public Relations and Advertising. She is from Nigeria.

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