June Medley

June has been short but sweet. We profiled two incredible leaders from one wonderful feminist organization in Nigeria, Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network (GIWYN). Sybil Nmezi, founder of GIWYN, has been one of our feminist role models for years. As a women’s rights activist who has spent her life fighting for women and girls’ reproductive health and rights, she’s taught all who know her so much about advocacy, resilience, and unwavering commitment to equality and rights. But she’s also someone who takes intergenerational feminism seriously, and understand the value of investing in young(er) leaders in her organization. She has a capacity to lift others around her, which really is what makes her such a wonderful feminist leader! Ijeoma is one of those young(er) feminist leaders who works with Sybil at GIWYN. We loved portraying them together this month because they show us what happens when you have two feminists leaders working together: a feminist team! Sybil, Ijeoma, and all the other leaders at GIWYN inspire us to create spaces where we can co-lead feminist structures that are impactful and values-driven.

Thank you Sybil and Ijeoma, and please check out GIWYN’s work online!

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