A series of discussions in international development organizations in 2018-2019 showed that while many development practitioners see feminist leadership as both a goal and a tool to transform our sector, few could explain what it actually looks like. 

This series aims to change that. 

With short videos submitted by a diverse and representative group of development practitioners, social change activists, and feminist leaders, this series aims at sharing what feminist leadership does – and can – look like in the global development sector and beyond. In collaboration with FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders, we hope to spark discussion about how feminist leadership, its tools, values, and methodologies, can help us transform our work for social impact.

Videos will be shared in the media as well as at various international gatherings, and used to spark discussions within teams and organizations eager to embrace feminist leadership. Tools and curriculum will also be produced for our wider community as we grow and learn about best practices together. Overall, we hope to spark discussion about how feminist leadership, its tools, values, and methodologies, can help us transform our work for social impact.

Stay tuned and join the conversation!

The team behind the series

The Feminist Leadership Project also benefits from the support of our colleagues at Fair Share of Women Leaders.FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders monitors the proportion of women leaders in the social impact sector, tracking progress towards gender equality in leadership on an annual basis. They also advocate for and develop resources about Feminist Leadership approaches.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Feminist Leadership Project, please email boveemily@gmail.com.

Past Volunteers (they are no longer working with us, but we are grateful for their support and contributions!

Beyza Sel, Volunteer (2020-2021)

Beyza holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. She has experience in journalism and worked for the General Directorate on the Status of Women in the Ministry of Family and Social Policies in Turkey. She is currently in a Master’s degree in Communications in Germany. She is interested in women’s Empowerment, children’s rights and cinema.

Sarah Luisa Santos, Volunteer (2020-2021)

Sarah is a brand strategist and content marketer based in Berlin. She has over 10 years of experience in content management, production and strategy and is now volunteering at The Feminist Leadership Project. She brings in her expertise regarding Youtube content management and editing. Besides being a digital native, she is also a big advocate for gender equality and she believes anyone can be an agent of change for the betterment of society.

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