A series of discussions in international development organizations in 2018-2019 showed that while many development practitioners see feminist leadership as both a goal and a tool to transform our sector, few could explain what it actually looks like. 

This series aim to change that. 

With short videos submitted by a diverse and representative group of development practitioners, social change activists, and feminist leaders, this series aims at sharing with our sector at large what feminist leadership does – and can – look like in the global development sector. 

Videos will be posted on the project’s website They will also be shared at various international gatherings. A Feminist Leadership Manifesto is also in the making. 

Overall, we hope to spark discussion about how feminist leadership, its tools, values, and methodologies, can help us transform our sector. 

We want to hear from you! Send us your videos or nominate a feminist leader that inspires you!

Videos can be submitted via to

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