Meet Vandita Morarka

” I think overtime for me, feminist leadership has become about practice and not position. It has become a way to implement the values that I holland to tie those values into concrete infrastructure and policies, and build around them. Not only to hold myself accountable, but to create a system that is value-led and value-accountable”.

Vendita Morarka

Vandita Morarka is a social justice leader with expertise in developing knowledge products and programs, organisational transformations, leading campaigns and organising communities, especially with a focus on youth and 21st century labour rights, technology, gender justice, mental health and feminist leadership. Vandita has founded and currently leads One Future Collective: a feminist youth led non profit with the vision of a world built on social justice, led by communities of care. Her work here develops feminist leadership capacities for social change while supplementing efforts through knowledge co-creation, re-imagining advocacy and feminist service provision. Since 2017, One Future Collective has built 7,500 feminist leaders and has indirectly reached 1.2 million people.

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