2020: the year of feminist leadership

From where we are standing, 2020 is a big year for the topic that brings us together on this platform.

First of all, this is the year where we finally get our much awaited United Nations Conference on Women and Girls, also known as the Generation Equality Forum, or Beijing+25, twenty five years after the last one. This is no small thing. We – the feminist movement – have been waiting for this, and plan to leverage it to amplify, fund and move our agenda forward. Feminist leadership is going to be front and center during the actual Forums in Mexico and France, but also in the lead-up and design phase (which is ongoing as we speak).

2020 is also a year during which these issues of gender justice, equality, and feminist leadership are going to be tested at many different levels. For sure, the U.S. presidential election is going to be incredibly important, and the next president of the U.S.A. will have the power to either push forward, or backwards, the progress that has been delivered in this past decade when it comes to gender equality and feminist values in our society. But beyond the U.S., a movement of progressive thinkers and doers, whether in politics, private sector, or civil society, and working hard to bring the spotlight on a better version of this world. One in which feminist principles and values are deeply rooted in celebrated models of leadership, in private and public spheres.

In light of this big year, we commit to stepping it up and increasing the numbers of incredible voices we bring to you all. This year, you’ll have more videos, but also more blogs, and a stronger social media presence that will help us share these incredible lessons learned and our collective wisdom. We count on you to help us share this important content!

Thank you for your support. Let’s do this!

The Feminist Leadership/FairShare Team

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