Meet Norette Turimuci

“For me feminist leadership is leadership that allows for equal access to opportunity for both men and women. At Resonate the way we define leadership is being proactive in the face of a challenge. And what that means is that being a leader doesn’t mean you have a high-ranking position in your organization, your company or community, or that you have a great title. It’s more about your ability to see something that is wrong (…) and doing something about it”.

Norette Turimuci, July 2019

Norette’s Bio:

As Resonate’s Executive Director, Norette is responsible for leading strategy, partnerships, program expansion, and building financial sustainability. Before joining Resonate, Norette was proud to help improve cancer control for Canadians through her work at the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer in Toronto. In this role, she coordinated three national cancer screening networks and supported initiatives to improve cancer care for Indigenous Peoples. Before moving to Canada, she honed her financial management and client relationship building skills during her eight-year tenure with the Cooke Financial Group, an elite investment group based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Norette graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance with minors in Economics and Spanish from Butler University in Indianapolis, and she holds a Certificate in International Project Management from the University of Toronto. Throughout all of her professional experiences, Norette has always emphasized empowering women and girls, like her daughter, in East Africa and creating future women leaders.

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