Meet AB Albrectsen

“Feminist leadership is about embedding equality, inclusion, fairness and justice in every action I take as a leader, using my power, my authority, to ensure that that happens in the organization. It’s also about courage and urgency. We know that to get an equal world we need to change systems, we need to change the status quo, and that will always come with a push back, or naysayers. And therefore it needs courage, and persistency and urgency to constantly be on that journey”.

AB Albrectsen, July 2019

Anne-Brigitte’s Bio:

A renowned leader in development and gender equality, Anne-Brigitte Albrectsen has worked for over 25 years in international development, human rights, change management and diplomacy and has been listed as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Gender Equality by Apolitical.

Ms. Albrectsen has been CEO of Plan International since September 2015. Prior to this she was United Nations Assistant Secretary General and Deputy Executive Director for Management at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

6 thoughts on “Meet AB Albrectsen

  1. Thanks AB!

    I think as a man who supports – and I try as much as possible to put it into practice – that feminist leadership requires a real evolution of thought and behavior of the current man. Understand that power by itself and only in them, is not everything, but that we must see a future of integration or joint work woman + man that enhance actions from the individual, family and social. Understand the new shared and complementary roles that the future of equality and inclusion demands of us.

    The emergency generated by the COVID19 pandemic is giving us the great opportunity to reflect deeply and generate this change and positive evolution.

    Kind regards from Bolivia!


  2. I am very happy to have this opportunity to watch , the video of AB on feminist leadership. For me to actually see this through, we are all call to demonstrate this in our day to day work. Challenges in the process of change by all is face and lessons learnt along the line will improve our work. Feminist leadership is bring everybody at the same level, making sure all have the same understanding and put thing in practice. The challenging part is people altitude toward accept and putting in to practice. With the coming of the Covid 19 bring the world to the same level, where all countries can work together to prevent or look for solution to combat this virus.




  3. Thanks AB for helping us to become more aware for the required revolution that we can made through Feminist Leadership.
    As you rightly sad that 70% of the world’s healthcare staff are made up of women, but only 25% of global leaders are female and also with the abuse of power crises. So, through Feminist Leadership we can safeguard the crises that hit our sector and exposed a deep disconnect between what we seek to achieve through our programs and the leadership systems, structures, and power within our own organization.
    Once again I am grateful for the preparation to present us with meaningful positive growth.

    Best wishes from India.


  4. Thanks AB
    This is a good opportunity for some of us in the health sector. Yes , 75% of the Nurses are women but in Liberia, the president, the 2 vice presidents are all Male. I think we as Men need to promote the principles of Feminist leadership. The same right be apply to all and promoting the issue of Equity and Inclusion.


  5. the feminist leader will help the people like man and women to increase our commitment on promoting equality and same opportunity to all people espesificly boys and girls and people with disability, this is need to adopted a good strategy to against every single challenge in different municipality. as Plan Staff we need to lead based on our values and bring it to daily leadership work practice.


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