May 2019

May Medley

Our May cohort has been incredible: we have shared the voices and wisdom of feminist producers, brand strategists, authors, activists, advocates, vice presidents, spokespersons, advisers… all of whom work hard to end inequalities and lift others out of poverty. They have shown us how they show up in this work, armed with feminist values and a firm commitment to holding all (including themselves!) accountable to living them every single day.

This month’s leaders have defined feminist leadership as:

  • Putting “the interest of the collective ahead of that of an individual.” – Monica de Pinto Ribeiro Hancke
  • Doing “the deeper work of knowing their power in a system that is set up to favor cis-herteronormativity, whiteness, and masculinity.”  – Sarah Tuckey
  • Transformational leadership, leadership with, rather than leadership over.” – John Coonrod
  • Exciting (…) transformative and essentially a paradigm shift to everything we see in the world today (…) it is rooted in understanding feminist histories across the world, it’s intersectional, it’s bold (…) and the root of it is an ability to share power.” – Niyati Shah
  • Leadership as it was originally intended to be, (…) egalitarian and thoughtful of as many identities as possible.” – Joy Donnell

As we continue to expand and develop this project, our gratitude for the diverse, powerful, and accessible feminist leadership in our sector continues to grow. We are so excited to see what more we will learn, and invite you to join us in this project that has as much to do with the discovery of ourselves as it does with leadership.

Thank you to everyone who supported and assisted in this project this past month.  You can continue to support us by referring feminist leaders to us for videos and spotlights, and by sharing our work on your social media and in your communities (#thisisfeministleadership). We are excited to see what June (month #3) has in store!

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