Meet Joy Donnell

“For me feminist leadership is just leadership as it was originally intended to be, which is egalitarian and thoughtful of as many identities as possible (…) It’s an opportunity to take all the systems that we have right now, which were created for one very particular identity group, and expand them“.

Joy Donnell, June 2019

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Joy’s Bio:

Joy Donnell is a producer, brand strategist, author and activist using media to build cultural legacy. Her storytelling expertise touches all of her work as she brings that insight to content strategy and creation. 
When she isn’t behind the camera creating editorials, documentaries, short films and visual campaigns, she’s on stage speaking about media, intersectionality, gender parity and public image. 
One of Joy’s most recent projects is with The Africa Channel and includes a docuseries and social media campaign. Entitled “What If Movie Icons Wore African Fashion?”, the campaign raises awareness for pan-African entrepreneurship, cultural understanding and conscious fashion. 

Joy is Chief Visionary of SUPERJOY Media and co-founder of luxury lifestyle platform, Vanichi. In 2018, she established the Center for Intersectional Media and Entertainment [CIME] alongside Munika Lay and Dr. Nicole Haggard to advance underrepresented voices in these narrative-driven industries.

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