Medley – April 2019

Our first month, April, has been so inspiring.

First of all, we can now put faces and voices on the obvious: feminist leadership in the global development sector is alive and well.

It’s been incredible to listen to these women share their visions, their challenges, their lessons learned, and how they show up every day as feminist leaders in this space.

It’s also been incredible to see our community grow surely but slowly these past few weeks! We can’t wait to see where month #2 gets us!

As a reminder, feel free to share our info with badass feminist leaders around you, and invite them to participate! We have a crazy ambitious goal of reaching 100 videos before the end of the year, so we need everyone’s help. This initiative is about identifying the feminist voices in our sector, building our collective understanding and awareness on how to do this work, and then, putting our energy and influence back out in the world for a shared goal and objective (more on that soon!).

Thank you for listening. Thank you for talking. Here’s to month #2!

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