Meet Uma Mishra-Newbery

“Feminist Leadership to me means understanding and bringing to the table an intersectional lens on how we approach conversations (…). It means that I am unafraid to have uncomfortable conversations, and that I will push people, and challenge people, to have those uncomfortable conversations.”

“For me feminist leadership means that I show up fully, and what I mean by that is that I show up knowing that I carry trauma, I show up knowing that I carry biases, that I carry preconceived notions of issues and/or people (…) For me feminist leadership means that I am participatory in my exchanges, that I am collaborative, and that I value the people around the decision-making table”.

Uma’s Bio:

Uma Mishra-Newbery is the Executive Director of Women’s March Global. Uma has been with Women’s March Global since March 2017, initially as a volunteer and then as the former Director of Global Community.

Prior to Women’s March Global, Uma was a high-school Chemistry teacher, worked in the medical field as a Medical Lab Technologist and served in the United States Army as an active duty soldier for nearly six years. Uma has been awarded numerous commendations and achievement awards for her leadership and duty during her time in service.

Uma has been a TEDx speaker, sharing how we can foster community through development work. She is a proud first generation Indian American, U.S. Army veteran, and forever will be a Science nerd. The motto that fuels Uma as an activist and community builder is by Alice Walker: “Activism is the rent I pay for living on the planet.”

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